La Nube del no saber

La Nube del no saber -  Anónimo - Herder
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The Cloud of Unknowing is surely the most remarkable work by a school of the fourteenth century English mystic and one of the classics of religious literature in English. Aimed at a young disciple to guide you through the exercise of contemplation, this work combines the liveliness of the description of a personal spiritual experience with the author's claim convey this experience with a direct and simple language. Without giving up the traditional doctrine of the Church, presents the various psychological and emotional states spanning the contemplative to become one with God and how to overcome them, with particular emphasis on some disputed issues in spiritual circles of his time, as the gift of divine grace, immanence and transcendence, the relationship of body and soul into the task of contemplation. The treaty is an excellent example of affective mysticism of the fourteenth more

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Book: La Nube del no saber

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