La Psicologizacion y sus Vicisitudes

La Psicologizacion y sus Vicisitudes - Jan De Vos - Paradiso Editores
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After psychologization we have at least two other metamorphosis processes that seem to leave the oven psychologicus behind and create new reincarnations of the oven sapiens. One of these processes is neurologization, by which we have been reduced to our brain, its structure and its functioning, our nervous system, the supposed biological bases of our behavior, our neurons and their synaptic connections. The other process of metamorphosis by which our time is marked is digitization, completely transforming us to the virtual reality of computer systems, computer operations, digital environments such as social networks. This is how Jan De Vos presents a fresh and audacious reading that examines the future of the human being within the paths that psychology, neurology and digital culture mark about what man should be in the 21st century. "This book takes seriously the definition of an more

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Book: La Psicologizacion y sus Vicisitudes

ISBN: 9786079787165