La que es 

El misterio de Dios en el discurso teológico feminista

La que es  - Elizabeth A.  Johnson - Herder
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This book is a work of theology in the strict sense: original and urgent call to reflection about God from a feminine perspective and decidedly feminist. "What is the proper way to speak of God in light of the reality of women? Ideas about God are cultural creatures bound by time and place in which they were conceived. We designed a model of Christian feminist language from diverse backgrounds: the universal presence, active and liberating Spirit, the living memory of the peculiar involvement of Wisdom in the history of Jesus and the Holy Wisdom inconceivable that gives birth and guides the universe. We try out the different ways in which these discourses can be added to the symbol of the Trinity, living communion of mutual and equal relationships. The divine ability relationship has led to talk of the involvement of Sophia-God in the suffering of the world, which promotes more


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Book: La que es 

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