La religión

La religión - Georg Simmel - Gedisa
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Simmel's writings about God, faith and beliefs deserve the notoriety that arose in recent decades other grounds of his work. As a theorist of modernity, the religious issue is a central part of his thought not only for his contributions to metaphysics but also and especially for the proper sociological, as in the assay presented here. Written at the request of his friend and disciple, the theologian Martin Buber, this text provides the largest contribution and perhaps ultimately the German thinker on the phenomenon of religion. Georg Simmel valued religion as a substantive part of human experience, to which only a naive Enlightenment could consider overcome "with a couple of centuries of religious criticism." However, Simmel does object to the role of the churches when erected in apuntadoras of "moral requirements" without noticing the contradiction of being limited to certain more


Book: La religión

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