La sociedad moribunda y la anarquía

La sociedad moribunda y la anarquía - Jean Grave - La voz de la anarquía
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La voz de la anarquía

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We present another work we considered that it is now known again. This is "The moribund society and anarchy" of Jean Grave. This work brought almost immediately after its publication in 1892 the repression against the author by the forceful way he attacks fundamental principles of society dominated by the state, as was the case of militarism. As a result of this work we present, Grave was sentenced to 2 years in prison and a fine of 100,000 francs.

Grave is direct, forceful in his criticism of the State, Capital, Property and other sacred pillars of the rule of the bourgeoisie. His criticisms are not only harsh, direct, but also very reasoned and accurate.

It is a work that pushes every moment the reader / not only deepening the themes it touches, but the organization and commitment to anarchist ideas to fight against the state. more

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Book: La sociedad moribunda y la anarquía

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