La Tradición del Yoga

Historia, literatura, filosofía y práctica

La Tradición del Yoga - Georg Feuerstein - Herder
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Georg Feuerstein , one of the world's leading authorities in the field, this text offers a comprehensive exhibition of the multifaceted phenomenon of Indian spirituality , a work product of decades of academic and practical interest that can capture and appreciate not only the amazing complexity of yoga but also its relationship with the culture of India.

The author covers the historical, philosophical , literary , psychological and practical aspects of the many paths of yoga : the beginnings of Indian civilization , the oldest Upanishads , Jainism , Buddhism , epic literature (including the Bhagavad Gita ) , the late Upanishads , the yoga- sutras of Patanjali and the various forms of yoga in the post-classical period as well as tantra and hatha -yoga. The work is complemented by translations of original sources in Sanskrit, a chronology, a glossary and a biography specially more


Book: La Tradición del Yoga

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