La trayectoria póstuma de Emiliano Zapata

Mito y memoria en el México del siglo XX

La trayectoria póstuma de Emiliano Zapata - Samuel Brunk - Grano de sal
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Grano de sal
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Tapa Blanda

Emiliano Zapata began a new existence after being assassinated on April 10, 1919 at the Chinameca hacienda. Although many have doubted that the betrayal of which he was truly subjected cost him his life - he is said to have sent a double to the gallows, who fled to Arabia, who wanders like a ghost through the mountainous areas of Morelos - what is a fact is that after the death of the maximum agrarian leader of the Revolution, a myth with political, social, artistic and cultural ramifications developed in Mexico and beyond its borders. In traversing Zapata's posthumous trajectory, Samuel Brunk reveals here the discursive and ceremonial mechanisms with which the State has wished to appropriate the image of Zapata and leads us to listen to the corridos on the life and death of Emiliano, to look on with astonishment the interpretations of Marlon Brando and Alejandro Fernández on the big more



Book: La trayectoria póstuma de Emiliano Zapata

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