La Velada de un solitario

Y otros escritos

La Velada de un solitario - Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi - Herder
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The evening of solo (1780) is a classic brief, the first who wrote Pestalozzi and entitled (but not its contents) is widely known in the professional environment of teaching. This is a typical production philosophy and culture of the Enlightenment, and thus shows the influence of typical and representative writers of the time. Here a Pestalozzi which has less than 34 years old and is full of enthusiasm for the ideas illustrated and deeply inspired by Rousseau expresses his philosophy and in some ways its education program. A few pages are worth a lot of times, and this work is reaffirmed: a declaration of principles that would later be portrayed by the author in exemplary institutions, and proposed as a means of regenerating the population as a country, but the all humanity. It is insisting on a new education model, which very well may be called "humanist", which combines the more


Book: La Velada de un solitario

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