La vida intensa

La vida intensa - Tristan Garcia - Herder
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The intense life offers a critical analysis of the modern ideal of living all our experiences to the limit, which can be exhausting and lead society to frustration.

Living with intensity has become the ideal of our society: any selling argument is based on the search for strong sensations -from gambling to seduction, passionate love or exalted faith in social events- that awaken us and they start from monotony, from automatism and, therefore, from banal existence. Indeed, for a long time now, Western liberal society has been addressing the phenomenon of intensity in order to become people whose existential meaning is the intensification of all our vital functions.

However, the continuous search for emotion can be exhausting: the desire increases until it becomes addiction and then in frustration. In this sense, the aim of this work is to analyze the condition in which more


Book: La vida intensa

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