Las 100 palabras del marxismo

Las 100 palabras del marxismo -  AA.VV. - Akal
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Although he rejected the term throughout his life, Marxism is in the first place the thought of Karl Marx, a thought of an extraordinary and constantly evolving wealth. But what Marxism owes to Marx is indissociable from what he owes to Engels, co-author of-among other works-the Communist Manifesto, and posthumous editor of Volumes 2 and 3 of Capital. After his death, his ideas were developed in very different ways by thinkers and political currents who claim to be his heirs. Even today, the most radical discourses against the capitalist order are inspired by it.
In 100 entries, this book sheds light on the fundamental concepts of Marxism and accounts for how political, economic and philosophical debates have become embedded in the heart of each.


Book: Las 100 palabras del marxismo

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