Las redes imaginarias del poder político

Las redes imaginarias del poder político - Roger Bartra - Pre-Textos
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This is a book of political theory about a problem that has become essential in today's world: democracy confrontation with terrorism and with different expressions of otherness. The book offers a theoretical interpretation of the links between the spectacular expressions of terrorism and political mechanisms of legitimacy in modern democracies. Shows that the theory of imaginary mediation is a good instrument to practice anatomy in political systems and thus understand its operation. The theory of imaginary networks also proved useful in understanding the causes of the collapse of the socialist political systems. "I dread to think why the study of the mediating networks allows up to provide certain critical point- tensions that await a political regime." And when crisis of legitimacy systems occur frequently reorganize and stimulate the peculiar populated imagery liminal beings more

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Book: Las redes imaginarias del poder político

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