Libertad y límites amor y respeto 

Lo que los niños necesitan de nosotros

Libertad y límites amor y respeto  - Rebeca  Wild - Herder
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"When I talk with someone for the first time on the subject of a" free education "is the most common objections immediately arise more or less passionate about the" need for limits. "But questions about this issue not decrease when parents or caregivers venture to take their own steps toward the respectful treatment of children. Quite the contrary: number of new situations and at each new stage of development also overlook new doubts and uncertainties. For us adults who often have been educated and restricted by limits, is not really easy to understand that the limits may have a role in defining a space in which to act with independence and freedom in which to give a true human development. But to the extent that we make this distinction, we realize that the limits do not define the being of another, but, on the contrary, serve to maintain the relaxed atmosphere, so that everyone, more


Book: Libertad y límites amor y respeto 

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