Libro de Casos

Libro de Casos - Jorge L. Tizón - Herder
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This book has been compiled by Jorge L. Blight, Ciurana Ramon and Maria del Carmen Fernandez of the Working Group for the Promotion of Mental Health and Prevention from Primary Care._x000D_
Mental disorders are one of the health problems that primary care professionals serving more frequently in the query. Their impact on health, quality of life for those who suffer and their families, as well as economic and social costs they generate, require integrated and coordinated action, an action that addresses the problem from the promotion, early detection, prevention, assistance to the process, rehabilitation and social support to patients and their families._x000D_
Since Primary Health Care (PHC) should play an important role in the new concept of dealing with this problem, considered by WHO as a health priority, economic and social more



Book: Libro de Casos

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