Lo indisponible

Lo indisponible - Hartmut Rosa - Herder
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Against a silenced world in which there is no longer dialogue, Hartmut Rosa proposes the concept of resonance, understood as the unpredictable relationship in an unavailable world. Indeed, resonance occurs when we engage with the strange, the irritating, with everything that is beyond our reach. The result of this process cannot be predicted or planned, so the resonance event is always accompanied by a moment of unavailability.
In this novel book, Rosa offers an intermediate station in the reflection on the relationship between resonance and availability. It is about thinking about what is identified as the fundamental contradiction of Modernity, of the questions about the unavailable. In this way, a reflection arises that may perhaps shed new light on both the political and personal problems of our daily lives, in the internal and external struggles that we carry out every day.


Book: Lo indisponible

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