Lo que sí funciona

Cambios de conducta para proyectar la equidad de género

Lo que sí funciona - Iris Bohnet - Grano de sal
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We live surrounded by forms of discrimination - some subtle, others grossly evident - that create abysses between the opportunities offered to men and women. Iris Bohnet identifies many situations in which there is a selection bias, almost always unconscious, that affects the latter, and also proposes institutional solutions to undertake adjustments that strengthen gender equity. Or better: project it, in the sense of imagining it, planning it and putting it into practice. This multidisciplinary study, with foundations mainly in economics and behavioral sciences, presents numerous cases taken from around the world in which the procedures for hiring, promoting or simply choosing between people tend to harm women; To remedy this imbalance is not enough awareness or training, but the ingenious and transcendental adjustments in the design of those mechanisms that the author suggests. What...read more



Book: Lo que sí funciona

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