Los archivos de empresas

qué son y cómo se tratan

Los archivos de empresas - José Andrés González Pedraza - Trea
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The companies fulfill an essential mission in the vertebration of our society by the impact of its activities in the economic, social and technical fields. For the fulfillment of their objectives and the control of all the activities of their business, the companies have needed and need to document all the processes that carry out. At present, the archives of companies play an important role within the profession, their access is demanded by citizens and researchers and companies have assumed their importance from the administrative, legal and for the creation of an image to society. For these reasons, it was necessary to write a reading and consultation manual to introduce the reader to the specific nature and characteristics of company files, to provide guidelines for the organization of their documents and to answer the questions they raise the treatment of documentary series and a...read more


Book: Los archivos de empresas

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