Los Benjamin

Una familia alemana

Los Benjamin - Uwe-Karsten Heye - Trotta
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"The Benjamin are the brothers Walter and Georg and their sister Dora, children of a Jewish family from the upper bourgeoisie of Berlin." This is how this chronicle of a "German family" opens. But the history of this family, which begins "around 1900", reaches beyond the truncated lives of the three brothers who faced National Socialism and succumbed to persecution, war and exile: Walter, the philosopher, critic and Writer; Georg, the doctor and communist activist, and Dora, the sociologist and activist.
The family history continued with Hilde Benjamin, Georg's wife, and their son Michael. Hilde was, as Minister of Justice of the German Democratic Republic, the main person in charge of the criminal prosecution of Nazi criminals; in West Germany she will be known disparagingly as "Hilde the bloodthirsty." Michael, on his part, occupied himself with family memory, determined to re...read more

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Book: Los Benjamin

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