Los Caminos de Heidegger

Los Caminos de Heidegger - Hans-Georg Gadamer - Herder
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Well known and appreciated in the Spanish-speaking world for his philosophical hermeneutics, Hans-Georg Gadamer (1900-2002) was also one of the oldest disciples of Heidegger. He considered himself "eyewitness" of the impact and fascination that came to cause its completely unusual approaches and concepts in the academic world of philosophy in the early decades of the twentieth century. However, Gadamer insists throughout these pages in both the fascination with Heidegger's rejection of his supposed "darkness" are not appropriate ways to understand it. The texts in this volume, written over the past three decades for a variety of public occasions, Gadamer describes the paths of Heidegger's thinking, from his earliest theological concerns and attempts to renew the philosophical question confused after the environment of the First World War. Tests show very clearly the position of Heideg...read more


Book: Los Caminos de Heidegger

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