Los derechos y sus garantías

Los derechos y sus garantías - Luigi Ferrajoli - Trotta
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The pages of this book move the reader the content of the conversation interesting and rich maintained by Mauro Barberis (and, at peak times, Giorgio Pino) ​​with Luigi Ferrajoli the end of 2012. It is about a variety of issues, ranging from and professional life of this his thesis on theory of law and democracy vicissitude, through a whole multitude of controversial issues, then and now, highly topical. Among these, now raises the exercise of jurisdiction, turned into real breakwater many serious conflicts afflicting our troubled states of law.
In such a brilliant exercise in dialogue, and often intelligent provocation by Barberis, this has the virtue of taking out -in which, despite the density of the issues, is an agile colloquy not only the penetrating scholar, but also the intellectual actively engaged in his time there in the interview. This allows you to view an exemplary...read more

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Book: Los derechos y sus garantías

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