Los Discapacitados y la sexualidad

Los Discapacitados y la sexualidad - Bernadette  Soulier - Herder
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In order to respond to affective confusion and loneliness of a paraplegic, this book aims to show that after the accident is possible to achieve a harmonious married life. Bernadette Soulier, a doctor, she suffered the handicap. Considers the individual as a whole and psychological health. It aims to provide a coherent response to sexual problems and indicate the way forward to regain emotional happiness. This work addresses a wide audience: any social worker or therapist who must answer questions of a paraplegic on his sexual future, to all who have a child, a parent or friend who has suffered an accident; to all who have ever thought what life would mean moving a wheelchair and, of course, to paraplegics daily living difficult to love.

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Book: Los Discapacitados y la sexualidad

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