Los libros de la autonomía obrera

Los libros de la autonomía obrera - Antonio Negri - Akal
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The texts included in this volume are the result of applying Marxist theory to the social mutations caused by the class struggle cycle that shook Italy and the capitalist world economy as a whole in the 1970s. Its explicit objective was to provide to the anti-systemic movements of those years of the relevant theory to conceptualize their antagonistic practice, unravel and undertake the tasks of their political organization, and outline the possibilities of multiplying their social impact and articulation to carry out a revolutionary transformation of social relations existing capitalists. The concepts of class composition, labor self-assessment and class struggle constitute the strategic hypotheses to think about the new forms of political action of the social productive subjects and the models of democratic organization of our societies that break the mechanisms of exploitation and d...read more


Book: Los libros de la autonomía obrera

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