Los niños vulnerables

Una perspectiva crítica

Los niños vulnerables - Miguel Ángel Olivo Pérez - Gedisa
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In recent years, the study of vulnerabilities from culturally and educationally has become fashionable. Since the economically poor, the disabled, those suffering any kind of confinement, children in marginalized areas to ethnic and sexual minorities; to the reality of all, the relevant question is what is at risk or already broken or damaged? Trying to answer this question, necessarily involves daring to penetrate what is played on the psyche of our contemporary society. This book focuses particularly on the question of how, on the subject of the vulnerabilities of children is at stake and how the unconscious, from there, operate hegemonies. Such an effort requires combine into a single approach various contributions of both history and sociology and psychology, which is why the study of the phenomenon of harm to children, is here addressed in close discussion with the philosophy, ra...read more


Book: Los niños vulnerables

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