Malos sueños

Los mejores relatos de terror aparecidos en Valdemar / 2

Malos sueños -  AA.VV. - Valdemar
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With the edition of FELICES PESADILLAS (number 200 of this collection) Valdemar marked a milestone in our country as far as the anthologies of fantastic literature and horror are concerned. "I have read many dozens of anthologies of horror stories in my life, but I dare say that this one surpasses them all, both because of its generous breadth and because of the skill of its selection," wrote Fernando Savater, a true fan of the genre. A thousand pages saturated with the classic themes of horror stories: death, ghosts, the devil, vampires, zombies, crazy wise men, revenge, fate ... BAD DREAMS DREAMS poses both a continuity and a complement to the aforementioned anthology: authors who for reasons of space did not find a place in that first volume now enjoy the place they rightly deserve. The most classic authors repeat, as is logical, because they have laid the foundations of the more


Book: Malos sueños

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