Manual de la Biblia

Aspectos literarios, históricos y culturales

Manual de la Biblia - Heinrich A.  Mertens - Herder
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This book of the Bible wants to be an aid to understanding the holy book. There are two views that have guided the author in the selection of the material: first, the effort to provide clear information and representations of the historic environment, cultural geography and the Bible, to make more transparent the same biblical texts; and, secondly, to those baselines which serve to indicate or at least facilitate international understanding of biblical doctrine. Perhaps this second aspect goes beyond what one would expect from a book, but we must not forget that the current understanding of the meaning of the texts of the Bible is what ultimately interested readers to whom the present study. Specifically, this work offers the following points. Introduction to the Bible. Once the books are inscribed the Old and New Testaments, you specify the typical features of the vision of the more

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Book: Manual de la Biblia

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