Manual de Psicopatología clínica

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Manual de Psicopatología clínica - Antoni Talarn - Herder
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We live in a society with an enormous burden of mental suffering. This discomfort results in an overabundance of psychopathological diagnoses and overconsumption of psychotropic drugs and psychotherapies of all kinds. However, despite this increase in treatment resources, the numbers of mental disorders present in the population is increasing day by day.

This new Manual of psychopathology, updated with data DSM-5, provides a systematic and updated vision of the complex world of psychopathological disorders. The text provides an accurate description of each disorder, its main characteristics and differential diagnosis, illustrating each of them with clinical cases. It will be very useful for all students and mental health professionals: doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, teachers and therapists of various kinds.

This work is the result of a set of a more

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Book: Manual de Psicopatología clínica

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