Manual de teología dogmática 

Manual de teología dogmática  - Theodor  Schneider - Herder
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The Manual of dogmatic theology is intended as a handbook for teaching and learning of Catholic dogmatic theology, renewed and deepened in accordance with the Second Vatican Council. Presents an overview of the contents of the Christian faith, such as collecting, rethink and describes the current systematic theological work. The division responds to the provision of treaties, credited to a long teaching: Prolegomena, doctrine of God, doctrine of creation, Christology, pneumatology, the doctrine of grace, ecclesiology, Mariology, doctrine of the sacraments, eschatology and Trinitarian doctrine . The Manual aims to provide in the various sectors and issues of dogmatic theology all the necessary information, the approaches of the major problems and attempted solutions in order to put the readers of theology students, teachers of religion and the charge of preaching, and in general to more

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Book: Manual de teología dogmática 

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