Marcolvado - Italo Calvino - Libros del Zorro Rojo
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Libros del Zorro Rojo
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Marcovaldo ie stations dela city is the story of Marcovaldo, a simple worker who works as a warehouseman in an editorial. She lives with her family in a poor floor on the outskirts of a town in northern Italy. Originally published in 1963, it is a collection of fables neorealist which is evident the clash between nature and progress. Throughout the twenty stations / chapters of the book we described above all an urban landscape in which the material shortages are supplied with optimism and naivete of the protagonist, an innocence that sometimes borders on naivete and in others stupidity. His confrontation with the urban landscape and its dream of an idealized nature, cause in most cases their projects and adventures end in disaster. But Marcovaldo never lose hope or desire to move on. The twenty stories are accompanied this year by delicate illustrations by Alessandro Sanna, in a more


Book: Marcolvado

ISBN: 9788494161926