Marx y Foucault

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Marx y Foucault - Antonio Negri - Cactus
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The present volume - the first in a series of three - constitutes an optimal entry into the theoretical laboratory of Antonio Negri, one of the most fertile anti-capitalist philosophical exercises from the Italian long 68 to today's mass movements.
The texts gathered here, mostly produced in the last decade, together with others dating back to the 1970s, jointly delineate the reading operation carried out by the Italian intellectual and militant during the last fifty years.
Marx and Foucault. Why read them together? It is a methodological requirement that operates in the negriano materialism: "It is about apprehending, on the ground of history, the ontological and practical dimension of antagonism from the emergence of desires organized in concrete struggles."
Between the rejection of the work that organized the Marxist elaborations of the workers in the 60s and 70s more



Book: Marx y Foucault

ISBN: 9789873831355