Mediaciones terapéuticas y psicosis infantíl

Mediaciones terapéuticas y psicosis infantíl - Anna Braun - Herder
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Treatments that use painting, modeling, art, music, water games, ie the "therapies mediators" are extremely common in the care of psychiatric patients and severe somatic, both adults and children. Pedagogy, psychology, social services and community support for children at risk and the scope of justice and have incorporated these therapies in their daily work. However, they are little studied from the point of view of technique and theory of technique. This book sets out the approach as necessary.

Anne Brun, assumes that these "therapies mediators" or "therapeutic mediation" allow children and adults with access to the processes of symbolization from sensuousness. To this end, the book is based on a specific clinical perspective and diversified.

An essential work for all practitioners of psychology, counseling, social and cultural animation using these techniques in more


Book: Mediaciones terapéuticas y psicosis infantíl

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