Mis aventuras con monjas

Mis aventuras con monjas - Giacomo Casanova - Atalanta
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Among all the adventures that Casanova recounts in his memoirs, perhaps the most profligate be crossed with two nuns, an ambassador of France and our author loves actors. As Mauro Ermine says in his foreword to this volume: "Throughout 1754 and into the early months of 1755, those relationships in a four-way masks and night Venice gondolas, apartment made with mirrors to direct or indirect enjoyment give rise to the lusty adventure par excellence of a Casanova who meets one of the dreams of all the seductive since the Middle Ages: break the bars of the convent and seducing touch and habits despite a bride of Christ. "
Five years later, when Casanova has thirty-five years, he is in France with another nun who has the same name, the same habits and handsome face ...

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Book: Mis aventuras con monjas

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