Modernismo después de la posmodernidad

Modernismo después de la posmodernidad - Andreas Huyssen - Gedisa
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After the decline of the debates about the "post-modernism" and the advance of "globalization" as major signifiers of our time, the discourse on modernity and modernism have re-emerged strongly in the current intellectual landscape. The provocative occurrence of Jean Lyotard that any work of art must be post-modern before it can become genuinely modern, it has become reality in a way that he could hardly foresee. The various articles that make up this work of Andreas Huyssen show that modernity and modernism, with all its historical and geographical complexities remain a key signifiers for anyone trying to understand where we came from and where it may go: the century XX to XXI century. After a first half where the question of a post-modernity in a geographically expanded (eg in cities like Barcelona and Paris, Prague and Vienna, Berlin and Munich, London and St. Petersburg field more


Book: Modernismo después de la posmodernidad

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