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Céleste Albaret home Proust worked as a housekeeper, messenger, friend and nurse the last nine years of his life when, already seriously ill, wrote In Search of Lost Time. But it was much more than a mere servant: his sensitivity, his innate intelligence and great love and devotion he felt for him made her only confidant, her closest companion and an exceptional witness. When finally, at eighty-two, he agreed to publish these deeply moving memoir, not only proved the falsity of the many hoaxes circulating about the great novelist, but showed us a human, intimate and everyday Proust but for she never would have known.

Celeste reveals a unique and respectable man, night owl, barely fed coffee, polite and extremely sensitive. The book covers everything from the last years of the writer and through its pages to see how we can progressively increasing obsession to finish this novel more

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Book: Monsieur Proust

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