Curso de filosofía tomista

Moral  - Pierre  Simon - Herder
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Moral of this is part of a course of Thomistic philosophy, but is, in itself, a complete work, fundamental. Thomistic philosophy has already been demonstrated over many centuries is immeasurably useful for those who really want to start on the systematic study of philosophy. And this for the conceptual rigor of his systematic philosophy. And this for the conceptual rigor of his sietma, for clarity, and the fertility of its principles. Nova et Vetera is the motto that Leo XIII proposed to revalue and raise the scholastic study. This recommendation did not follow the intent to foster a philosophical syncretism. It is rather to enrich the body of knowledge that antiquity has left us with the input of modern currents of thought, and thus make the perennial philosophy called philosophical tradition alive and current. Ethics is precisely one of the best philosophical disciplines within the more


Book: Moral 

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