Nación y sus otros

Raza, etnicidad y diversidad religiosa en tiempos de políticas de la identidad

Nación y sus otros - Rita Segato - Prometeo
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Tapa Blanda

The struggle of social movements inspired by the project of a "politics of identity" will not achieve the radicality of pluralism that it seeks to affirm unless insurgent groups start from a clear awareness of the depth of their "difference". This implies a critique of the capture of matrices and ways of being "another" by pre-formatted global identities, for the right to existence of other ways of being and understanding justice, economics and the relationship with nature.

This book has two axes: one relating to the critique of the emptiness of identity labels, and the other inspired by the Bolivian process as a compass that marks the direction of a decomposition of the mestiza history in stories, plural, of constituent communities, each resurging through a political work of re-warping its particular historical plot.

The author's attempt is to call for the density of more

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Book: Nación y sus otros

ISBN: 9789875741553