Naturaleza, historia, Estado

Naturaleza, historia, Estado - Martin Heidegger - Trotta
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The publication of the Black Notebooks has once again uncovered the thorny issue of Martin Heidegger's anti-Semitism and the sense of his adherence to the National Socialist regime. To this discussion is added On the essence and the concept of nature, history and State, seminary given by the philosopher in 1933/1934 and that had remained unpublished. This course outlines a political philosophy according to different axes: the role of the leader - connecting the Nietzschean superman and the notion of Dasein solved - in the constitution of the State and in the structuring of the will of the people; the role of the university in the political education of citizens; the fate of Germany after the crisis in the Weimar Republic; belonging to the German space, and the awakening of the Germanic spirit in the figure of the «secret Germany». The political thought of Heidegger is articulated more


Book: Naturaleza, historia, Estado

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