Ni Hao Curso 1 (Incluye Audio)

Libro de Curso 1

Ni Hao Curso 1 (Incluye Audio) - Paul Fredlein - Herder
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No is a course in Chinese language learning is targeted at students from beginners to high school and older._x000D_
Its structure, based on a slow progression in which it reinforces previously learned, allows follow-up is very easy in any circumstance and with any type of group, while its content, peppered with humor and full of illustrations and cultural information is aimed not only to learn writing and oral communication but also to understand Chinese culture._x000D_
Series is a complete course of learning that has three levels. Each level contains a course book, a workbook, a teacher's book, audio material and software * laboratory * of free downloadable language._x000D_
You can download the free teacher's book (pdf) where you can find additional information from the course book, transcripts of hearings and the keys more

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Book: Ni Hao Curso 1 (Incluye Audio)

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