Nombre y naturaleza de la poesía

Nombre y naturaleza de la poesía - Alfred Edward Housman - Pre-Textos
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Alfred Edward Housman (1859-1936) poet detested as the laws of man and his God, abhorred customs that prevent a man openly confess their sexual preferences, and inflicted to the society in which he lived epigrams distilled cynicism and resentment. WH Auden, reviewing the book on Housman drafted his brother, said that few men had remained inside, so clearly points to the Lord and Satan in all of us. Even in literary disciplines attended, Housman distinguish their Lord knew his Satan. While the former corresponded careful study of the Latin classics scoring for consumption dark scholars, the second showed his disdain for intellectual matters of poetry, and called for sobriety and simplicity of poetic thought as essential vehicles for expression in verse.

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Book: Nombre y naturaleza de la poesía

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