Noroeste: poemas y canciones (2015-2018)

Noroeste: poemas y canciones (2015-2018) - Luis Suñén - Trotta
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Northwest, Luis Suñén's seventh book of poems, is a kind of reflection on the things of life, a look at what's going on around us—"half kiss, half tears," as Edward Thomas wrote—and how everything becomes part of ourselves. Thus, the daily landscape, the sometimes perplexed vision of a nature—rain, sea, fog—that is also revelation, the passage of time or the encounter of the almost believer with what is looking like a real presence.
From his previous book, Volver y cantar, antonio Muñoz Molina wrote: "Luis Suñén, who knows so much about music, writes with a phrasing content and broken, which corresponds very well to his expressive modesty, with his drift between skepticism and belief, between confession and ellipsis".

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Book: Noroeste: poemas y canciones (2015-2018)

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