Odio, violencia, emancipación

Odio, violencia, emancipación - Manuel Cruz - Gedisa
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Hatred, violence and emancipation are undoubtedly hetero-geneous categories, which refer to clearly differentiated spheres of human life. Thus, the first-the hatred has traditionally tended to be confined in the private sphere, that is, to be regarded as a strictly individual feeling. Accordingly, it is interpreted that his study should address certain disciplines (psychology especially, but not only it), specialized knowledge of various aspects of individuality.  However, in recent years it has become apparent that the spread of hate (along with some other comple-tary category, such as fear) can no longer be analyzed in such a restrictive manner. He hates and fears too (and too much) to continue thinking that such feelings are a matter of each.  Therefore, hatred, like any other social sentiment, must be put in connection with these other absolutely basic vectors of cohabitation that...read more



Book: Odio, violencia, emancipación

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