Odio y la clínica psicoanalítica actual

Odio y la clínica psicoanalítica actual - Carmen Gloria Fenieux Campos - Pólvora Editorial
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Pólvora Editorial
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Tapa Blanda

"Throughout these pages, compiled by Carmen Gloria Fenieux and Rodrigo Rojas, we find hatred in its various dimensions from the perspective of experienced psychoanalysts, whose looks include context and historical moment. Winnicott proposes that thanks to cruel love the baby manages to access reality, destroying the mother he had created and who paradoxically survives after its destruction. This unintentional hatred, the one we use to approach the object with our bodies, is part of love, expresses with our muscles and teeth and is well received by those who sustain us. This aggression is spontaneous at the beginning of life and builds destroying. Today, as a period brand of our culture, we easily find the hatred displayed on social media as the opposite side of unintentional hatred: fake news, bulling, self-truths and post-truths are manifestations of the distortion of induced and pro...read more

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Book: Odio y la clínica psicoanalítica actual

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