Paradojas de la inhibición

Paradojas de la inhibición - Juan de Olaso - Manantial
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This book reproduces, with some modifications, my doctoral thesis defended on October 24, 2014 (Faculty of Psychology, University of Buenos Aires), and entitled "The concept of inhibition in the work of Sigmund Freud. Points from the teaching of Jacques Lacan. Problems, paradoxes."
While the original thesis has been pruned in some parts, slightly modified and rewritten in others, the structure is the same and respects the lines that were opened and developed throughout the research.
Like the thesis itself, the book has two distinct parts. In the first, perhaps his spine, I explore the concept of inhibition in Freudian work, trying to place its theoretical and clinical dimensions, its nuances, variants and occasional conceptual destinations; also, Freud's renewed jobs of the term, and the avatars that the concept suffers over time.
I set out, in that sense, to carry more

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Book: Paradojas de la inhibición

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