Paradojas de lo liminal

Cine y teología

Paradojas de lo liminal - Angel Francisco Mendez Montoya - Ibero
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The liminal, that where contrasts are interwoven. Border point that glimpses both the ambiguous and the paradoxical of "the real." Co-implication of the visible with the invisible. It constitutes one of the quintessential themes of contemporary theology and the communicative resource of cinema, in which multiple frequently overlapping languages converge and intersect, in order to give rise to the ordinary as well as the extraordinary, or as the filmmaker Jean-Claude will say. Luc Godard, to "the possible of the impossible." This perplexity caused by the liminal is the creative impulse that brings together the five authors who collaborate in this anthology around possible dialogues between two knowledges that do not always feed each other: cinema and theology.


Book: Paradojas de lo liminal

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