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In this volume all the poems of Hannah Arendt are brought together for the first time and it is shown that her work, without a close relationship with poetry, would be inconceivable. Hannah Arendt is recognized as one of the most important thinkers of the 20th century. However, very few know that for decades he wrote poetry. The poems of Hannah Arendt are an expression of the suffering caused by the loss: either the loss of the "golden age" that is childhood, the longing for the homeland from exile or the pain of the death of loved ones. But if the loss causes suffering it is because, despite the rupture, love persists. It is true that Arendt sometimes expresses the desire to appease the pain through the fading of consciousness (the dream, the night) or a mental evasion (the dance), but knowing that they are lapses, pauses or temporary breaks from which then it returns. It is possible...read more

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Book: Poemas

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