Poesía y educación 

Poesía y educación  - José Angel López Herrerías - Herder
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Add to birth with me, brother. Pablo Neruda, "Alturas de Macchu Picchu" Poetry and education is the union and the claims of two human desires: to speak well, enjoy the words and learn to be better person in all horizons. The knowing, the feeling, to dialogue, that of living .... The book is about educational issues we all care about: love, respect others, be happy, enjoy life, eagerness to learn, live in mood, ... The poems are collected documentary source of these issues. They are also historically known samples of poetic creation. It is also an anthology of poetic language approach ensures that this language comes our simple, direct and valid. Poetry is a beautiful language, art. Besides that it is deep intellectual intuition. We say and talk about life in short, a wonderful addition to the beautiful choice of words, so often a verse brings together hundreds and hundreds of books. I...read more


Book: Poesía y educación 

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