Poetas en blanco y negro

Poetas en blanco y negro  - Amalia Iglesias Serna - Abada Editores
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Abada Editores
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This is not an anthology, just an invitation to poetry. It is not a book that pretends to influence the "poetic world", nor does it aspire to mark a canon, nor does it defend a particular school, nor does it want to take a generation's photography, nor does it respect "enough perspective", nor aspire to systematize anything. In this very populated parnassus there is room for all: revealed truths, experience, difference, even indifference, hermetic, surreal, silent, metaphysical, conceptual, mystical or epic, existential or committed, figurative or post-avant-garde, localist or extraterritorial ... This is not a Anthology, nor does it intend to become one. It is a collection of scattered voices, a balance of verses thrown into the pitchfork of our time.




Book: Poetas en blanco y negro

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