Pompeyo  - Karl  Christ - Herder
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At the time of the late Roman Republic, caracterizadospor serious internal crisis, flourished as a greenhouse and in quick succession abutments personalities that contributed to bury the old form of government. Pompey the Great was not the least of them. This biography traces clearly marked career from his early youth by the military challenges that faced Rome in Italy and the provinces. Brilliant strategist, serving first Sila, the course of his life, always ambivalent relationship with the Roman Senate, is characterized by countless military and diplomatic victories. But in the end, on the occasion of the founding of the First Triumvirate along with Julius Caesar and Crassus, Pompey became apparent that could not be controlled by an institution such as the Republic and thus, to the extent that Caesar was becoming his fate the final confrontation was becoming unavoidable.


Book: Pompeyo 

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