Populismo de izquierdas y neoliberalismo

Populismo de izquierdas y neoliberalismo - Éric Fassin - Herder
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The political news leads to reflect on the left and to think about populisms. Left-wing populism and neoliberalism propose a critique of left-wing populism that aims to be a response to the right wing in the light of international events.

Since Brexit, and with the growing rise of xenophobic parties and governments in Europe, we are experiencing a "populist moment". How to interpret it? There is no doubt that neoliberalism acts as a «depopulation», emptying democracy of the demos. From Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan to Donald Trump, Viktor Orbán and Recep Erdogan, is not populism the instrument of neoliberalism?

Populism of the left and neoliberalism proposes a critique of left populism that claims to be a response to the right. Populism is the symptom of neoliberalism, not its remedy. In these moments of precarious democracy, more than building a people, it is urge...read more




Book: Populismo de izquierdas y neoliberalismo

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