Principia iuris

Teoría del derecho y de la democracia: 2. Teoría de la democracia

Principia iuris - Luigi Ferrajoli - Trotta
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The theory of democracy developed in this second volume of Principia iuris analyzes, using the conceptual apparatus of the axiomatized theory of law, the system of limits, links, controls and separations imposed on the different types of powers of the constitutional paradigm but largely measure not carried out because of the lack of adequate guarantees. On the basis of this paradigm, a normative model of democracy is outlined here, not only formal but also substantial, articulated in the four dimensions (political, civil, liberal and social) corresponding to so many kinds of constitutionally established rights.

Faced with the current processes of crisis of representation and the dissolution of legality, the theory of democracy offers multiple expansive possibilities: in relation to economic powers as well as to political powers; for the protection of social rights and more


Book: Principia iuris

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