Profesión de fe en Jesucristo

Profesión de fe en Jesucristo - Karl  Rahner - Herder
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Rústica con solapas

The great theologian Karl Rahner asks in this essay what today means to profess a Christian. The text, along the lines of the dialogue with a Jewish believer, unfolds reflections of universal value, which will be of interest to all.

In this book, Karl Rahner wonders what it means to profess a Christian today. Briefly, it not only unfolds a whole Christology and addresses the relationship between Judaism and Christianity, but also asks for the salvation of all in the course of history, for the grace of Christ is the "mysterious essence of all eligible reality '.

It is a dialogical text that proposes to explain to the interlocutor - a believing Jew - that also in his faith and thought there is a point of contact that makes it possible to understand the "alien", without any proselytizing purpose.

This quiet Christian reflection will be of interest to all. It makes more

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Book: Profesión de fe en Jesucristo

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