Programm Gramática

Alemán para hispano-hablantes A1-C2

Programm Gramática -  AA.VV. - Herder
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In recent years, economic and cultural reasons, interest in the German language has grown dramatically both in Spain and Spanish-speaking America. Today we also know that studying a foreign language, to be effective, must take into account the student's native language. Here's originality lies precisely Programme: Both the grammar and exercises in the book are designed for Spanish speakers. Grammar offers a comprehensive guide to theory and practice, by level, for the study of German. Can be used as a textbook or reference book. Recipients are: · Students of German secondary school students in language schools, German institutes, colleges and universities. · Teachers of German in those centers. · Students particular, beginner or already advanced. In its content, grammar meets the requirements of examination programs to obtain official German and Spanish titles, as could be: · more

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Book: Programm Gramática

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